The Q but with Longer Hair

September 6, 2012

Every day I drive to work from my nice Elk Lake acreage (rented not owned – I am still a student); I listen to Jian Ghomeshi and his show The Q. I love listening to him on the CBC. He has great charm: consequently, the artists and public figures he invites on his show feel comfortable and open up in ways they do not with other interviewers.

It is two weeks until my thirtieth birthday. This morning I sat up in bed and sang the words “Soon I’ll be Thirty, I don’t want to be Thirty.” My wife has grown accustomed to how weird I am, so she just asked the sensible obvious question: “What are you singing?” “Moxy Fruvous – Stuck in the Nineties,” I replied. She had never heard these words. I was astonished that she had no idea what I was talking about.

Moxy Fruvous is a Canadian vocal folk group that sang politically satirical songs during the late eighties to late nineties. They released a great album in 1993 called Bargainville. The lyric I sang this morning was from one of the singles off the album. Of course, Jian was a member of this awesome band.

So let us occasionally remember a different phase of the career of the Canadian radio host Mr. Ghomeshi. Below is a link to one the band’s best tunes “King of Spain.” Note the great nineties fashion and Jian’s awesome long locks.



Matthew (Gus) Gusul is the Online Editor for The Coastal Spectator.

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