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Trick or Treaty? Director: Alanis Obamsawin My Legacy Director: by Helen Haig-Brown Bihttos (Rebel) Director: Elle-Maija Tailfeathers Reviewed by Joy Fisher Four out of the five films comprising the first-ever Indigenous Film Program presented by the Victoria Film Festival this year were made by women. While highly unusual in the film industry as a whole, […]

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Girl Rising Directed by Richard E. Robbins Vancouver Island premiere, The Caprice, Langford Reviewed by Joy Fisher Canada Day is all but over as I write this, but I’m still saying a heartfelt thank you to the Canadians who joined forces to bring Girl Rising to a theatre near me. I first heard about this […]


Beyond Gay: The Politics of Pride Directed by Bob Christie Reel Queer Film Festival, Vic Theatre, Victoria June 30, 2013 Reviewed by Andrea Routley It was a quiet evening at the Vic Theatre, not surprising for a Sunday night in Victoria. Beyond Gay: The Politics of Pride was the final screening at the first Reel […]


Shiawase no taiko o hibikasete: Inclusion Directed by Ken’ichi Oguri Canadian premiere, Eric Martin Theatre May 29, 2013 Reviewed by Joshua Zapf. The Canadian premiere of  Ken’ichi Oguri’s Shiawase no taiko o hibikasete: Inclusion was hosted by Friends of Music Society, an organization that offers “partnership-based music programs to build relationships between people with mental illness […]


Video Art @ Garrick’s Head Pub, Victoria, BC Featuring works by Rick Raxlen, Janet Rogers, Scott Amos, Carolyn Doucette, Pamela Millar, Alejandro Valbuena, Constance Cook, Carrotkid Films, and Morgan Tams. Reviewed by Julian Gunn I recently attended an experiment. There were no electrodes involved, though electronics played a key role. Open Space Gallery, MediaNet, and […]

The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara Directed by Errol Morris; Starring Robert McNamara as himself Reviewed by Joshua Zapf This 2003 Sony Pictures Classic opens with some black and white footage of former United States Secretary of State Robert McNamara preparing for a press conference.  It then shows […]

Shane Koyczan and collaborators To This Day – TED Talk Reviewed by DJ Fraser Vancouver resident Shane Koyczan is already a fully fledged Canadian poetry star, and that is no easy stardom to come by. Koyczan appeared at TED this past February, where he performed the now-viral multimedia performance of “To This Day,” with violin […]

The Kid Stays in the Picture Directed by Brett Morgen and Nanette Burstein Written by Brett Morgen. Narrated by Robert Evans 2002 Reviewed by Joshua Zapf 1957: Robert Evans is plucked from the poolside by Norma Shearer to play her late husband and renowned producer, Irving Thalberg. From there Evans, driven by lust for the […]

The Illusionist (Lèillusionniste) Directed by Sylvain Chomet Original screenplay by Jacques Tati, Adapted by Sylvain Chomet. 2010 Reviewed by Joshua Zapf The Illusionist is beautiful for many reasons, but most of all because it is believable. The story takes place during the 1950s. The protagonist, Tatischeff, is an illusionist and a master of his craft.  […]

Stories We Tell Sarah Polley, Director Viewed at  the Available Light Film Fest February 4-10, 2013, Whitehorse, Yukon Reviewed by Nadine Sander-Green Stories We Tell is an experiment that went incredibly well. In her first documentary, Sarah Polley searches for the truth about her mother, an actress who died of cancer when Polley was eleven […]