Traci Skuce

What Can’t Be Undone By dee Hobsbawn-Smith Thistledown Press 200 pages; $18.95 Reviewed by Traci Skuce The cover picture on dee Hobsbawn-Smith’s new collection of stories, What Can’t Be Undone, is of a rope pulled taut. The plies of the rope are severed and frayed, and only a single strand holds it together. And this […]


Specimen By Irina Kovalyova House of Anansi 256 pages; $19.95 Reviewed by Traci Skuce Not long ago, I met a surgeon at a friend’s wedding. I asked him if, in opening the human body, he was ever inspired to write down insights about such revealed mystery. Not everyone, after all, gets to examine the dark […]


Caroline Adderson’s novel Ellen in Pieces has been nominated for a 2015 B.C. Book Prize. She is the author of three previous novels, A History of Forgetting, Sitting Practice, and The Sky is Falling, two collections of short stories, Bad Imaginings and Pleased to Meet You. A two-time winner of the Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize, […]


Things You’ve Inherited From Your Mother By Hollie Adams NeWest Press 186 pages, $19.95 Reviewed by Traci Skuce Form and how to tell the story are critical choices for a writer. Some might say the only choice. And in writing her first novel, Things You’ve Inherited From Your Mother, Hollie Adams has boldly tossed most […]


Some Extremely Boring Drives By Marguerite Pigeon NeWest Press 214 pages; $19.95 Reviewed by Traci Skuce There’s a propulsion to the narratives in Marguerite Pigeon’s Some Extremely Boring Drives that’s anything but boring. Attribute this to Pigeon’s strong yield of language and voice, her ability to cut a clear and quirky character, and her deft […]

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