Susan Hawkins

Raven Brings the Light By Roy Henry Vickers and Robert Budd Harbour Publishing, 48 pages, $19.95 Reviewed by Susan Hawkins Occasionally, a story comes along that resonates throughout generations regardless of age, belief, or cultural and national identity. How the Raven brought light to the world is one of those stories. Celebrated First Nations artist […]


Pursuing the Wild: The Sichuan Botanical Expedition Guest Speakers Sue Milliken and Kelly Dodson Sponsored by Finnerty Gardens Advisory Committee Reviewed by Susan Hawkins Gardeners in the Pacific Northwest often favour eclectic kinds of gardens. Our temperate, water-abundant environment supports a dizzying array of unusual plants, both indigenous and exotic. Recently, in the University of […]


Gardens Aflame Garry Oak Meadows of B.C.’s South Coast By Maleea Acker New Star Books, 108 pages, $19 Reviewed by Susan Hawkins “A Garry Oak meadow is a garden,” states Maleea Acker. And, according to Acker who cites local ethnobotanist Nancy Turner  “. . . they were constructed landscapes, created and managed through use of […]

Digging the City: An Urban Agriculture Manifesto By Rhona McAdam. Rocky Mountain Books, 168 pp., $16.95. Reviewed by Susan Hawkins Rapidly increasing urbanization is a global phenomenon that increasingly challenges human society. In Digging the City: An Urban Agriculture Manifesto, Rhona McAdam takes a critical step toward a new “urban agriculture manifesto” by placing the […]