Matthew Gusul

An Editorial By Matthew “Gus” Gusul Now hear this: To the audio cassette, I hereby say a heartfelt, “SORRY!” And I regret it has taken me 16 years to realize my error. At 14 I became a dedicated vinyl collector when I discovered how beautiful it is to put the needle down on some hot […]

The Q but with Longer Hair

September 6, 2012

Every day I drive to work from my nice Elk Lake acreage (rented not owned – I am still a student); I listen to Jian Ghomeshi and his show The Q. I love listening to him on the CBC. He has great charm: consequently, the artists and public figures he invites on his show feel comfortable and open up in ways […]

By Matthew “Gus” Gusul If I were to re-visit the 2010 version of myself he would never believe that in two short years, he would be writing an article about Tommy Wiseau’s The Room. In 2010, when I was first forced to watch the movie by my wife and brother-in-law, I assumed (and hoped) I […]