Marcie Gray

Three Little Words By Sarah N. Harvey Orca Book Publishers 218 pages, $12.95 Reviewed by Marcie Gray Sarah N. Harvey tries to say a lot in Three little words. Her novel for young adults ranges over the various facets of family life as she tells the story of 16-year-old Sid. He was a toddler when […]


Stolen By John Wilson Orca Book Publishers, 119 pages,  $9.95 Him Standing By Richard Wagamese Raven Books, 129 pages, $9.95 Reviewed by Marcie Gray Ever start a book and then put it down for so long that when you pick it up again, you have to reread the beginning? Ever take a book out of the library […]


Record Breaker By Robin Stevenson Orca Book Publishers, 142 pages, $9.95 Reviewed by Marcie Gray The moment I picked up this book of youth fiction, I thought, “How brilliant! A story about a boy who wants to break world records!” Brilliant, because I’ve found that if you have an emerging, reluctant reader of the male […]

The New Normal By Ashley Little Orca Book Publishers,  222 pages, $12.95   Reviewed by Marcie Gray Alberta writer Ashley Little really knows how to make an entrance. Her first novel for young adults, The New Normal, jumps right into the crisis at hand: the main character, Tamar, is shedding. She’s 16 and is losing […]